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Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors offer high levels of security and safety. At David Blower Garage Door Solutions, our roller garage doors are constructed from tough and durable materials ensuring a lifetime of use.

Up and over garage doors

Up and over garage doors slide up an internal track and into the ceiling of the garage. These up-and-over garage doors are a classic design, and still very much in fashion.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors combine the best elements of roller garage doors and up-and-over garage doors. Installed in segments, these sectional garage doors are ideal for when space is at a premium.

Side-hinged garage doors

Most of us think of garage doors as opening upwards in some way or another. With side-hinged garage doors you get a whole new garage door experience. Assembled in pairs, these open outwards on a vertical hinge like a set of barn doors, creating a unique and unexpected look for your garage.

Electric garage doors

Whether installed outright as electric garage doors, or adapted to suit from existing sectional garage doors, we can offer you a hand-free option whereby opening your electric garage doors is done at the touch of a button. Ideal for convenience, or for anyone who requires physical assistance.

Double garage doors

As the name suggests, double garage doors are doors are built for double garages, eliminating the need to operate two separate doors to access your garage area. They provide you with more room to manoeuvre, essential if you’re using it to store larger vehicles like people carriers and camper vans.

Bespoke garage doors

Here at David Blower Garage Door Solutions, we have an extensive catalogue of garage doors from some of the industry’s most notable manufacturers. Even so, we can’t guarantee the perfect garage door will be in stock. What we can guarantee is that we will tailor any existing door to meet your particular requirements.

Wicket garage doors

Wicket doors are a popular solution for those customers who wish to keep their garage and its contents concealed from the world. It is a door and frame set into the larger garage door, allowing access by an individual without raising the entire garage door itself.

Wooden garage doors

Wooden garage doors have much to recommend them. Not only are they heavy, sturdy, and resistant to damage, but they can also be finished with a number of paint and varnish products for a unique look. Being made from wood, they are also 100% recyclable—an important consideration for many of our customers.

Garador garage doors

If you know anything about the UK garage door industry, you will have heard of Garador. Perhaps the most popular brand in the country (certainly one of the leading manufacturers), they produce an extensive range of types and styles. We are pleased to be approved installers for their entire collection.

Hörmann garage doors

We work with many top companies in the garage door industry, but Hörmann might be the most successful. With over 15 million units sold worldwide, this German company knows how to please its customers. That’s why we’re delighted to work with them as approved installers of their products.

SWS UK garage doors

SWS UK is another company for whom we act as approved installers. They produce high-quality metal security shutters and doors, including an impressive range of roller garage doors. If you’re looking for a safe and secure garage door solution for your home or business, consider SWS UK.

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