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Garage Door Installations and Repairs in Wadhurst

Here at David Blower Garage Door Solutions Ltd, we have been providing our customers in Wadhurst with the very best in garage door repairs and installations since we started trading in 2017. From up-and-over and sectional garage doors to electric and roller garage doors, we do it all. Our team of experienced garage door technicians guarantee quality work and unbeatable customer service.

What David Blower Garage Door Solutions Ltd Can Do For You

As your local and reliable garage door specialists, we have much to offer our customers in Wadhurst. Here are some of our more popular services…

Garage Door Installations in Wadhurst

At David Blower Garage Door Solutions Ltd, we have an extensive range of garage doors available for immediate installations. We employ our own team of fitters with more than 20 years’ experience between them, guaranteeing a high standard of workmanship on every garage door installation. Whatever style you favour, we can find the right set of garage doors for you.

Electric garage doors in Wadhurst

Automated or electric garage doors are a popular choice among our Wadhurst customers. Some prefer them for the convenience and others for the added security benefits that they offer. Electric garage doors are particularly useful for customers with mobility issues. We can install these models from scratch or modify your existing garage doors to automated versions.

Roller garage doors in Wadhurst

Roller garage doors are simple to install and easy to operate. This puts them much in demand for customers across Wadhurst and beyond. Comprising horizontal metal slats on a central axle, these doors can be fitted to any garage. They offer great protection against impact damage and take up less room on your driveway when opening and closing.

Up-and-over garage doors in Wadhurst

Up-and-over garage doors are what most people think of as ‘traditional’ garage doors in this country. Made up of a single metal sheet, they are raised by hand onto a set of fixed runners that help them slide upwards into a horizontal position. This style of garage door remains incredibly popular with domestic garages across the UK.

Sectional garage doors in Wadhurst

Sectional garage doors combine qualities from both up-and-over and roller doors. They slide upwards along curved runners to rest in your garage’s ceiling cavity. However, they are also separated into multiple panels, meaning they do not encroach into your driveway space so much. Ideal if you have a short drive or a long car.

Double garage doors in Wadhurst

It’s strange to think how many people who own a double-berth garage are happy to make do with two single garage doors. Double garage doors are not just easier and quicker to operate, but they also provide you with more room to manoeuvre larger vehicles into your garage space.

Bespoke garage doors in Wadhurst

Garage fronts come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not always possible to find a pre-made garage door that will fit. Here at David Blower Garage Door Solutions, we can tailor any make or model into a perfect, bespoke garage door that works for you. Call today and see what we can do for you.

Wicket doors in Wadhurst

If you want to access your garage area without raising the main garage door, the best solution is to fit a wicket door. This is a smaller, man-sized door and frame set into your garage front. As simple to use as a regular house door, it means you needn’t worry about people seeing into your garage.

Wooden garage doors in Wadhurst

Many of our customers in Wadhurst have come to favour the wooden garage door, compared to other alternatives. Some enjoy the weight, others the additional security it provides. Some just like the range of available styles and colours. Whatever the reason, our team will fit them to perfection.

Hörmann garage doors in Wadhurst

Hörmann is a German company whose garage doors effortlessly combine style with substance. Their entire range looks great, benefiting from a sleek and stylish design, while also being a totally secure garage door solution. We are pleased to be your local approved installer for the company.

SWS garage & roller doors in Wadhurst

There are few companies that produce roller garage doors to the same high standard as SWS UK. Famous for their security shutters, the company produces roller garage doors for both commercial and domestic use and we are pleased to be their approved installers in the East Sussex area.

Garador garage doors in Wadhurst

When you want quality garage doors you can rely on from an established UK manufacturer, look no further than Garador. With over 70 years’ experience in the business, they are one of our most popular brands – and for good reason. This is why we are so pleased to act as their approved installers in and around Wadhurst.

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Garage door repairs in Wadhurst

As well as installations, we also deal with all kinds of garage door repairs. Whether it is a snapped garage door cable, dented panels, misaligned runners, or faulty electric garage door openers, we can help. Our garage door technicians are familiar with most makes and models of garage door, ensuring a fast and cost-effective repair solution.
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Only the best

Our customers deserve nothing less than the best, which is why we only use first-rate materials from well-respected brands like Garador, Hormann, Cardale, Henderson, and Wessex in our garage doors.
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Your local garage door specialists

We deliver our garage doors installations and garage door repairs across most of East Sussex, including Wadhurst, Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough.

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For quality garage door repairs and installations in Wadhurst, contact David Blower Garage Door Solutions Ltd today. Call us on 01892 317211 or 01424 231438 or 01424 619108 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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