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Unsure of how to choose a garage door that is right for you? We know it can be overwhelming at times. To help, we have put together this garage door buyers guide to help you make the right decision – whether that is purchasing brand new electric doors or replacing much-loved roller garage doors.

roll garage door

Roller Garage Doors

Known for their practicality, roller garage doors are similar to sectional garage doors and consist of several panels that curl up as the doors open.


  • The sections of a roller garage door fold up as the door opens, ensuring little room is taken up – allowing plenty of space for storage.
  • The insulated slats of roller garage doors are ideal for regulating temperature, while the thickness of the slats makes them a great option for those concerned about security.
  • Installation is also relatively straightforward, especially for branded models, while roller garage doors are often on the more affordable end of the scale.
roll garage door

Up and over garage doors

Taking its name from its method of operation, up and over garage doors are a traditional option widely seen across the UK. Up and over garage doors typically consist of a single sheet of metal on runners which can be easily lifted into a horizontal position along the garage ceiling. The doors also come in two different types – canopy and retractable.

Canopy doors offer more width in the garage interior but leave a section of the door sticking out when open. Retractable doors require additional interior tracks, though the entirety of the door fits against the ceiling.


  • Up and over garage doors are incredibly easy to install and operate, with the door able to be lifted easily in and out of position.
  • Up and over garage doors are also hard-wearing, making them very resilient to most damage.
  • Customisable and available in various styles, up and over garage doors are suitable for all manner of property types.
white sectional door

Sectional Garage Doors

A popular choice, sectional garage doors consist of several sections which fold upwards when opened. Sectional garage doors are ideal for those with unconventional entrances, as they fit in an array of different spaces.


  • Made from galvanised steel and double skinned as standard, sectional garage doors are a good choice for those concerned about security and insulation.
  • The straightforward opening mechanism of sectional garage doors makes them a popular option for individuals with large garage doors.
  • Designed to open vertically, sectional garage doors are ideal for those short on space when it comes to their driveways, as the doors can still open even with vehicles parked up close.
manual garage door

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Whilst not particularly common, side-hinged garage doors are still a good option for those looking for something a little different. Consisting of a pair of vertical doors on hinges, side-hinged garage doors open simply by swinging open.


  • One of the most significant advantages of side-hinged garage doors is their ease of use. Opened by manually turning the door handle, side-hinged doors offer an incredibly accessible option. Automation can also be easily fitted – ideal for those looking for an even more straightforward option.
  • Side-hinged doors are typically low maintenance, while the opportunity to invest in a thicker material to improve strength and security makes them a popular choice for all kinds of properties.
  • Side-hinged garage doors come in various materials, including timber and steel, ensuring that the doors can suit all manner of property styles.
automatic electric door

Electric Garage Doors

Available in the four-door types highlighted above – roller garage doors, up and over garage doors, sectional garage doors and side-hinged garage doors – electric garage doors are the same, just operated differently.


  • Electric garage doors feature a range of benefits, though the most obvious is convenience. Whether it’s avoiding having to leave the car in bad weather or helping with mobility issues, electric garage doors make manually lifting heavy garage doors a thing of the past.
  • Security is often high up the list of concerns for many, and electric garage doors are an ideal solution for further improving your property’s safety. Requiring a remote fob to operate, electric garage doors typically have fewer methods of access, ensuring any would-be intruders are prevented from gaining entry.
  • Having the door remotely operated rather than regularly handled is likely to mean less stress on the door, which should ultimately improve its lifespan.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door

When it comes to choosing a garage door, it is important to take into account several considerations.

Size – Knowing the size of your garage doors will provide you with a good idea of what will be best suited. Doors come in a variety of sizes – single garage doors are ideal for one vehicle, while double doors typically have space for two cars or a single large vehicle.

Single garage doors come in various sizes, including 8×7 feet, 9×7 feet and 10×7 feet. For double garage doors, sizes are available in 12×7 feet, 14×7 feet and 16×7 feet.

Practicality – Understanding how practical the garage doors are for your circumstances is crucial before making any decision. Despite their attractive design, there is no point in having side-hinged garage doors if you lack the free space on your driveway.

Maintenance – Establishing how much upkeep is likely to be required will give you an indication of the time and extra expenses the garage door might potentially end up costing.

Security – Keeping your vehicle and property secure should be carefully considered when choosing a garage door. Most garage doors today are created with security firmly in mind, with the best including a Secure by Design accreditation.

Material – Garage doors can come in various materials, with timber and steel the most common. Choosing the best material for your garage door is crucial for many reasons, including security, style and maintenance.

Style – Ensuring your garage door is aesthetically pleasing and fits in with the style of the rest of your property is always important.

Automatic vs Manual – Deciding on either a manual or automatic garage door is a key question when choosing a garage door.

Automatic garage doors are much easier to use, as they open at the touch of a button, allowing you to enter without having to leave your vehicle.

On the other hand, manual garage doors require a physical approach to open but have been a reliable option for many years. However, should you change your mind, the team at David Blower Garage Door Solutions can easily upgrade your manual garage door to an automatic garage door without any trouble.

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