Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage doors typically see more than their fair share of use and battering from the weather, so are often susceptible to damage. As such, it’s crucial to take care of your garage doors to maintain their lifespan and save you money. To help, we have put together our garage door maintenance tips to prevent unnecessary deterioration.

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Replacing Rollers

Garage rollers are prone to damage or faults, so regular maintenance is essential for ensuring they remain functioning. We recommend checking over your rollers every six months and replacing them every seven years or so. However, if your rollers have any cracks or chips, then it is usually best to replace them as soon as possible.


Ensuring all moving parts of your garage door remain lubricated can help keep the system running without issue. Regularly oiling all relevant parts of your garage doors will also help prolong their lifespan – saving you a great deal of money in the long run.
Lubricant, such as white lithium grease, is generally very affordable and can make a huge difference in protecting your doors from general wear and tear.

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Investigate Worrying Sounds

New and unusual sounds coming from your garage doors are generally a sign of an issue and will require investigating. Keeping an ear out and ensuring any changes are examined could help save you from costly garage door repairs later down the line.

Tighten Up

A well-used garage will see its doors move up and down frequently, which can end up loosening various parts. To combat any potential issues, a regular once-over to tighten all screws and other relevant parts will help reduce the risk of future problems.

Replace Weatherstripping

Ideal for protecting the inside of your garage against the elements, weatherstripping your garage doors is highly recommended. However, over time, the stripping can crack and lose its effectiveness.
Generally inexpensive, weatherstripping can easily be cut down to size and installed to replace your existing and tired stripping.

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Avoid Blocking the Tracks

Most garage door repairs can often be avoided by undertaking simple measures, such as not blocking the tracks. To help prevent this common problem, ensure you keep all possessions clear of the garage door tracks. However, if you require repairs, it is essential to hire a professional as undertaking the work yourself can be dangerous or lead to further damage.

Check Condition

Alongside maintaining all the mechanical components of your garage doors, you should also consider the actual doors themselves, as weather and day-to-day wear can all erode their appearance. To help preserve your garage doors, regularly wash them down with an all-purpose cleaner, while for any areas of rust, sand down and repaint.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips: Final Thoughts

We hope our Garage Door Maintenance Tips guide has provided you with several ideas for caring for your garage doors and will help avoid possible problems further down the line. At David Blower Garage Doors, we provide garage door repairs alongside installation services to customers across East Sussex. To learn more about what we offer, get in touch by calling our team on 01424 231 438 or 01424 619108.

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